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new-logoThe composition of WFFRC board members as well as staff reflects a multicultural organization that is familiar with the issues and concerns that impact the community. WFFRC has been highly successful in its work in health education, outreach, screening and referral services.

To date, staff, outreach liaisons, physicians and skilled volunteers have reached out to more than 30,000 individuals and families providing advocacy and education in areas of injury prevention, car seat safety, prenatal education, breastfeeding, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), HIV/AIDS, smoking cessation, breast and prostate cancer, immunization, sickle cell disease, diabetes, asthma, childhood obesity, nutrition and physical activity.

As an advocacy organization, WFFRC works to empower the community to address and remedy challenges and issues, and to positively impact individual, family, and community well-being, vibrancy and efficiency.

The agency also has a key role as a core member of The California Endowment Building Healthy Communities cluster to reverse the growing trend toward childhood obesity.

In addition to sponsoring prevention education, community events, and local health fairs, WFFRC convenes and staffs the Community Advisory Council which acts as a liaison, catalyst, voice and connector to and with community residents.