Sweet Potato Project

Targeting youth in Southwest Fresno, this food-based collaborative project provides:

Support services education, training in urban agriculture, business skills, healthy choices, life skills, and mental health issues.  

The Sweet Potato Project is executed in two phases: Planting and Harvesting

Phase 1

  • In late spring, the students learned about urban agriculture and sustainability and planted sweet potato slips on an acre of land donated by the African American Farmers.
  • Youth participated in entrepreneurial and business skills training taught by California State University, Fresno (CSUF) professionals from the Lyles School of Business. Youth were taught how to create a business plan for turning sweet potatoes into a product that can be sold.
  • WFFRC implemented the Sweet Potato Club where youth meet weekly to discuss life issues, school and community.

Phase 2

  • The second phase of the Sweet Potato Project takes place in the fall and winter months, where the students harvest sweet potatoes. The youth will also use entrepreneurial and business skills to take orders for sweet potatoes and sweet potato muffins.
  • The program concludes at the end of winter and begins again with a new cohort of 35 participants in late spring.