Every year, many children start school a week or two late because they don’t have proper immunizations, physical examinations or lack school supplies or clothing. The goal of the Back to School Health Fair is to provide these children of low income families with an equal opportunity to begin the school year, ready to learn and grow as other children who do not encounter barriers that may hamper a healthy school start.
This program addresses the needs of children and their families by providing free school supplies and free health screenings and free health education. Additionally, this event will bring integrated, accessible, culturally-appropriate and high quality needed services to the community.
There are five elementary schools (K-6) in the West Fresno target area, serving over 3000 children, which include over 350 Kindergarten students every school year. These schools are culturally and linguistically challenged with over 97% of students being children of color and 45% of students having limited English proficiency. These schools are also economically challenged with 100% of their student body eligible for the school’s Free Lunch Program. These statistics do not include the additional 3500 children of this community who attend the two junior high schools and one high school. Annually, we serve an average of 2000 children and their families who live in West Fresno.