Goals and Objectives
West Fresno Family Resource Center has set three goals it would like to achieve with its programs.

Our Three Goals:

Goal One:“Strengthening Family Functioning:
Objective 1: Establish strength-based model for serving families with and among partnering service providers.

Objective 2: Establish safe and supportive environment for children and families.

Objective 3: Support the healthy development of children and families

Objective 4: Provide access to culturally appropriate and effective treatment and intervention mental health services..
Goal Two: “Improve family economic self-sufficiency”
Objective 1. Identify potential partners and build alliance with organizations and programs that will increase family economic self-sufficiency.

Objective 2. Establish on-site Career Center

Objective 3. Build and enhance trusting relationships with families.

Objective 4. Offer access to programs addressing family economic self-sufficiency.
Project Goal Three: “Expanding West Fresno’s capacity to support children and families”
Objective 1. Establish and maintain community involvement in program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Objective 2. Systems’ change – Partner with county, community based agencies and other entities that serve West Fresno Families

Objective 3. Build trusting and enduring relationships among service providers, between service providers

Objective 4. Build trusting relationships with families.